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Γιατί αυτή η fitness blogger έχασε 70.000 followers εν μια νυκτί;

Η ιστορία της Sophie Gray έκανε το γύρο του διαδικτύου αφού μέσα σε μια νύχτα έχασε 70.000 followers στο Instagram. Λίγο νωρίτερα, η fitness blogger ανακοίνωσε ότι δεν θα ξανανεβάσει φωτογραφία της με μπικίνι καθώς έκρινε ότι έκανε κακό στους άλλους. Η Sophie ανάρτησε μια φωτογραφία της μουτζουρωμένη την οποία συνόδευσε με λεζάντα «Δεν θα ξαναδείτε φωτογραφίες με το κορμί μου έτσι στο Instagram. Οι κοιλιακοί και τα αδύνατα πόδια δεν θα σας κάνει ευτυχισμένους. Η πίτσα και τα μπισκότα είναι πεντανόστιμα».

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Μέσα σε λίγες ώρες ο αριθμός των follower έπεσε από τους 430.000 στους 360.000. Όπως ισχυρίζεται, δεν την πείραξε αυτή η μείωση και εξήγησε ότι συνεχίζει να τρέφεται υγιεινά, να γυμνάζεται απλά αποφεύγει να το επιδεικνύει. «Τα πάντα που έκανα αφορούσαν τις φωτογραφίες. Τρέχω αυτόν τον λογαριασμό 3 χρόνια. Είδα να βελτιώνονται οι φωτογραφίες, τι θέλουν να βλέπουν οι άνθρωποι: Πιο αδύνατη, πιο τέλεια». H Sophie συμπλήρωσε ότι αντιμετώπιζε σοβαρό πρόβλημα με το άγχος της και είχε κρίσεις πανικού. Πλέον, μέσα από το προφίλ της, θέλει να καταγράφει αυτόν τον αγώνα και να μην εστιάζει στον τομέα του fitness. Τέλος, όταν η ιστορία της έγινε viral ο αριθμός των followers της άρχισε να ανεβαίνει και πλέον έχει φτάσει τους 392.000.

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Today I had breakfast, went to the farmers market, had chocolate covered almonds, lunch, and this doughnut. I also plan to work out, go to the dog park and have dinner. To some this may sound like a super average day. And it is – but to me, this is the type of day “the fitness @wayofgray” was having me miss out on. For her, there was always a photo shoot coming up. What if those chocolate covered almonds ruined the photos? What if the workout wasn’t tough enough? BREAD?! I know this may sound silly. I may be called vain, or foolish or some other word to belittle my experience. Not understanding this experience doesn’t mean it wasn’t real for me. You may also think I’m encouraging others to be unhealthy, and that’s not it either. I understand that @wayofgray’s old images may have been inspiring. And, to that I say there are tons of those accounts you can follow for those images. But, I know those images were damaging for many. While I believe we all must take accountability for our experiences, it doesn’t make contributing to others insecurities any easier. But, most importantly, those images made Sophie Gray feel inadequate. Everything I did revolved around those photos. I was constantly worrying about my body image because my “worth” through this channel depended on it. Again, this can make me seem vain. But, I was the one behind the account for 3 years. I saw what images performed better. I saw what people wanted to see – fitter, thinner, more defined, & perfect. This is why @wayofgray is what it is now. This is why I’m here talking about accepting the shit out of yourself. This is why I want you to fucking love yourself. Because, if you always think you have to be something to be enough, you never will be. But, if you can wrap your head around the truth that you are enough exactly as you are, freedom awaits you. Freedom from others judgement. Freedom from your food fears. Freedom from your insecurities. And freedom from needing to be someone or something other than yourself. You, exactly as you are now, are enough. PS.. quiz through my link in my bio to see how you feel about yourself! Plus free gifts! 😘❤️

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My little space on the internet has been going crazy lately. I went to start a post introducing myself to my new FRIENDS and started to dig around my “professional image” folder. But, fuck that. I love a ‘I just woke up and haven’t done my hair or makeup’ selfie. THANK YOU to everyone who sent their love for my recent engagement! I seriously could not be happier. I’ll be diving into sharing all of the excitement, once the real life excitement settles in. For all of my new friends, welcome. I am SO thrilled to have you here. A lot of you guys found me through bizarre articles across the web, and some of them were a bit off in the way they described me. First, I want to start by saying what I’m not: – A model. My 16 year old self did everything she could to get that title, including sacrificing her physical and mental health. Soooo, that’s not me. – A personal trainer. I have retired this box that I was squeezing myself into. You won’t find any fitness advice on this page. Now that we got that out of the way.. Here’s some facts about me: 1. Watching a movie while cuddling with my FIANCE (oh my goodness) and my puppies is my favourite thing to do. 2. I’m Canadian, but my parents are super Scottish, so I say certain words funny. 3. I love cookies, and green smoothies. I don’t understand why we have to like one or the other. 4. I don’t like labels, but mental health experiences are something I’m very familiar with. I once had a panic attack on an airplane and had to drive 38 hours home. 5. I have already been pinteresting different ways to incorporate my puppies in my wedding ceremony. 6. I’m over this whole “perfect life” thing on Instagram. I pick up my dogs shit. I take shits myself. I eat like shit occasionally as well. I’m not living in some magical world where I float higher with every new follower I get. 7. I curse. There’s a reason, which I’ll get to one day. It’s partly because IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD. 8. I love you, seriously. I am GRATEFUL for you. I’m in awe of you, because you’re so amazing. Your presence is DEEPLY needed in this world, so THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU. Okay, the end. I’d love know how you came across my super regular life?

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I just attempted to write a post about the things I want you to stop doing. But, you can find plenty of posts out there telling you to change. This isn’t one of those posts. Sure, I’d love if we could all stop hating ourselves and learn to love ourselves. But, I’ll save that for another day. Right now, I just want one thing… I want you to know that you are enough. You are enough, exactly as you are right now. No amount of exercise, nutritious foods, meditation, or journaling will make you enough. You don’t need to do anything to be enough. You simply are. Anddd, I just really want you to know that. I may not know you personally. But, I don’t need to. There’s no need to know your education level, the size of your house, or how committed you are to your exercise routine. None of those things determine your level of enoughness. You’re enough because you fucking are. End of story. Comment ‘I am enough’ if you’re a human being.

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I don’t know how to communicate this. I know there is always judgement online, but with this there will be confusion. While @WayofGray is only four years old, today marks the nine year ‘anniversary’ of what this channel is really about. @WayofGray started as a fitness page. If you have scrolled through my feed over the last year, you would have noticed a shift. The shift involves a whole lot of vulnerability, curse words and an obsession around accepting who you are. Within this evolution, I have uncovered who my work through this channel is really for. @WayofGray is for the girl, nine years ago, who touched a blade to her skin her the first time. It’s for the girl who felt as though her pain was out of her control and had to regain it through self harm. It’s for the girl who looked in the mirror and only saw what she thought she lacked. It’s for the girl who didn’t want to exist within her body and her life anymore. It’s for the girl who cried herself to sleep and carved permanent scars into her body. It’s for me. But, @WayofGray is also for you. It’s for you if you have ever, even for a split second, wanted to be someone else. It’s for you if you have ever wanted to be prettier, smarter, or more successful. It’s for you if you have ever just wanted to be less you. It’s for all of us. But, today I wanted to take a second to acknowledge the part of me that experienced that pain. So, thank you, younger @wayofgray. Thank you for having the courage you did. Thank you for choosing to keep on living, even through the pain. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Sophie Gray (@wayofgray) στις